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Create value for customers, and grow together with customers

March 15, 2016, a seminar regarding EU Fireworks Testing Standard (Latest Edition) was held in Liuyang Yintian Hotel by Jiangxi ChengPin Techinical Services Ltd. and their CE cooperator TUV Rheinland; the seminar introduced:

1. EN15947:2015针对欧盟1类/2类/3类烟花产品的最新要求;
The new requirements of EN15947:2015 for Pyrotechnic articles – Fireworks, Categories F1, F2 and F3;
2. EN16261:2012针对欧盟4类烟花产品的检测要求;
The requirements of EN16261:2012 for Pyrotechnic articles – Fireworks, Categories F4;
3. EN16256:2012针对欧盟舞台烟花产品的检测要求。
The requirements of EN16256:2012 for Theatrical pyrotechnic articles.

培训当天全场座无虚席,与会者都是各外贸公司和工厂的质量检测人员、跟单文员、产品技术员或欧盟烟火指令B/C/D/E质量负责人。他们对欧盟三大烟花标准都有基础认识,但在实际检测过程中,依然有很多常见的细节性问题导致产品不能通过测试。鉴于此,此次讲座CPT对三大标准的不同类别产品的测试方法、抽样标准和皮招警句要求做了逐一讲解; TUV技术主管针对CE认证型式测试和批量测试中的常见问题和注意事项也做了重点阐述。
The meeting room was full filled with people that day, the QC, sales merchandiser, production technician and quality manager who takes responsibility for Module B/C/D/E from most trade companies and factories joined in this seminar. Although most of them have a basic understanding for these three standards, there are many detailed problems were found by CPT during the final testing and cause the testing fail. In view of this, CPT guided all participants deeply understanding the test method, sampling criteria and labelling requirement for these three standards in different categories; and the technical director of TUV Rheinland presented some common non-conformities and notes when CE type test and batch test.

A lonely wild duck flies with the sunset clouds; the autumn river mirrors the color of the sky. “Create value for customers, and grow together with customers” is the core value of our long-term development. The customer satisfaction is the motivation of our insistent advancement forever!

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