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CPT Mission


To be our customers first choice for quality consultant solutions on international, national standards of fireworks, firecrackers and pyrotechnical products everywhere around the world

Making your product a more safe and reliable place

Ensuring fast, effective and professional services for you

Sharing our legacy of success and innovation with you


CPT Culture

  • 客户至上     Customer first
  • 务实诚信     Accountability with Integrity
  • 品质卓越   Quality excellence
  • 尊重、和谐、双赢      Respect, Harmonic, Win-Win 公司公正性声明


Impartiality Declaration


As a third-party inspection and testing organization, Jiangxi ChengPin Technical Service Co., Ltd. must resolutely maintain the impartiality, scientificity and timeliness. To this end, the management of the company on behalf of all employees made the following statement of impartiality, and the management is fully responsible for the impartiality of laboratory’s activities.

  1. 本公司工作人员严格按质量手册的各项规定进行实验室活动,对所有客户一视同仁,提供相同质量的服务、奉公守法,不循私情,保证科学、准确、公正、及时完成实验室活动。

The staff of the company conducts laboratory activities in strict accordance with the provisions of the quality manual, treats all customers equally, provides the same quality of service, respect justice and abide by the laws, not be swayed by personal considerations, and guarantees scientific, accurate, fair and timely completion of laboratory activities.

  1. 对客户的样品、技术资料、检验结果严格保守秘密,未经委托方授权,本公司保证不擅自公布或泄露,决不用于技术开发。

The customer’s samples, technical data and inspection results are strictly kept secret. Without the authorization of the entrusting party, the company promises not to publish or disclose it, and will never use it for technology development.

  1. 不从事承检范围内的产品开发、销售、咨询等活动。

Not engage in product development, sales, consulting, etc. within the scope of testing.

  1. 本公司的检验结果会以测试结果单和检验检测报告的形式提供,任何人在任何场合的不同形式表态均不代表本公司的检验结论。

The company’s test results will be provided in the form of test result summary and test reports. Any form of representation by any person on any occasion does not represent the company’s test conclusions.

  1. 本公司保证所有检验检测工作不受任何外来的行政、经济、人情关系干预和影响,坚决维护公正性、科学性。

The company guarantees that all inspection and testing work is not subject to any external administrative, economic and human relations intervention and influence, and resolutely safeguards impartiality and scientificity.


The above declaration is publicly disclosed, and the clients and relevant department leaders are required to give supervision.



Declarant: Jiangxi ChengPin Technical Service Co., Ltd.


Date: 8th October, 2018

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